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Beyonce--Diva in Hightops!!

Beyonce's "Love on Top" video is finally here, and I'm not disappointed! Dance steps were tight, paying homage to the great late Micheal Jackson with a few of her moves, but a couple key pieces in her wardrobe is what really did it for me. First off, Bey is rockin' sneakers, AND hightops at that! Crip walking!! LOL... Proving my answer to the question "Can Divas Wear Flats??" CORRECT!! Second, she took a serious fashion risk of wearing blazers, and blazers alone. YES you heard right, diva is dancing bra-less in just a blazer! Not just the traditional blazer either, a cut-out midriff one too! I mean people model and take pictures with just a blazer all the time, but to actually be functional and not look slutty... she did that!! I wish I could pull that off ;)


  1. Oh wow, 3 different blazers..braless!
    She looks hot, I def think you can pull this off, style tape would be your best friend in that situation! Lol. And I love her in the high-tops, yup...still a diva!

  2. Lol Belkis I aint got enough up there you know that!! haha anyway, yess still a diva in hightops #fact!!