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How's Your Pout, Are You Lip Savvy??

SO0o0o, I received my Lip Savvy! Star Studded Shine Gloss in the mail a couple weeks ago. Receiving a package in the mail is always  fun, but with the contents being a recently launched lip gloss you could only imagine my excitement! After weeks of usage I feel I am able to give my full opinion and review of the product, but first here's a little background on Lip Savvy!. Founder Deidra Whatley, Louisiana bred country singer, took her love for makeup/ lip gloss to the next level by creating a product she felt met her needs and lived up to its expectations. Her goal with Lip Savvy! was "to create an efficient, easy-to-use, multi-functional, on-the-go beauty that is a trend, fun to use and embodies the best age-defying technology available today". I based my critique on this goal, and a few other categories below, check it out!

The Facts

  • Quick wrinkle smoothing effect, minimizing and preventing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Long-term hydration due to ability to hold 1,000 times its weight in water
  • Contains Vitamin E, soothing and improving softness
  • Produces a long-term plumping effect

Lip Savvy! gloss by itself

Lip Savvy! gloss over a colored lip

The Pros

  • Excludes the use of ingredients such as peppermint flavors, cinnamon oil, and menthol derivatives that cause burning, cooling, or tingling sensations. This prevents any inflammation and damage these ingredients cause.
  • Gives lips a firmer, smoother, more voluptuous appearance
  • Lip contours are more defined
  • Brush tip allows it not to be not messy/watery

My Thoughts

  • Though it was launched over the summer, I feel Lip Savvy! is good for the winter. I found it to be thick and as a result long lasting, key things a winter lip gloss should have. Anything that contributes to keeping me moisturized and warm in the winter is the way to go in my book! When it's cold, I personally don't want to have to keep reapplying lip gloss, and if that's your attitude Lip Savvy! is for you!
  •  Through eating, drinking, and excessive licking my application of Lip Savvy! not only stayed on, but continued to uphold its gloss finish. Not to mention, it has a nice flavor for those (such as I) who still lick their lips even with product on.
  • Lip Savvy! Star Studded Shine Gloss having a light tint and specs of glitter, is good by itself or over a colored lip. Though I'm not a big fan of glitter, it's not over done so I'm not completely turned off; however, I do feel the gloss is more about the shimmer than the color.
  • As far as the lip plumping, I guess only time with use of the product will tell, but at this point I believe it's the shimmer of the gloss creating the illusion of fuller lips.

Lip Savvy! VooDoo BABY

On a scale from 1-10, keeping in mind her goal, and consideration of whether I'd use Lip Savvy! in my everyday regime (which is a 50% chance, since my lips are already full and youthful, and don't feel the need for an added plumping effect), I give Lip Savvy! an overall rating of 7.5, which I don't think is bad at all! Again, I could do without the glitter, and actually prefer a bit more of a tint (perhaps a ColorGlam shade would be better); but all in all, I believe it's well formulated and does what a gloss is supposed to it comes in cute packaging and 22 shades!

 Retailing for $18, Lip Savvy! is available at
Try it for yourself!!

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