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Can Divas Wear Flats??

Why the hell not?! We need a break too! But we're stuck!! The world tells us we must wear heels, and we make it our goal to do so. And for my "party going" divas, you can't even gain entrance in a club without heels *ie-> Dress code: Sexy, heels a must! Like we can't be sexy in flats!

Well, I've found a couple Fashionista Divas rockin flats and if they can do it, we can do it! Forget what the fellas say, this is the rebirth of "I'm every woman"! (Whitney was with the 1st generation of divas ::homage::)

Leaving a restaurant in Soho (NY)

Returning from vacation in Barbados

Sara Jessica Parker
At "The Big C" screening in East Hampton

Even Ms Diva herself..

Sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro

So the next time you're thinking what should I wear consider these three divas females tend look to for fashion inspiration. Embrace the flats!

On another note flats just might be a better look for some of yall, cuz half of ya's can't walk in heels no way! (Almost NEVER counts!! You know who you are! lol)

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