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Ciara on Big Morning Buzz | What She Wore

Ciara was on VH1's Big Morning Buzz this morning promoting her new album One Woman Army. Always on the "Hit and Miss", I'm not too sure what to call this one. I'm a fan of Red Bottoms, I'm a fan of boots, I'm a fan of drop crotch pants, and I'm a fan of black, but all put together like so....I just don't know?!

The drop crotch pant is SUPER dropped...

Maybe too dropped??

LOVE the shoes though!!

I don't know, I'm not able to reach a verdict, it's an "inbetweener" lol. It's not horrible, all black could never be horrible....

I got it! Like literally just now it came to me...I couldn't get my finger on it, but it's there now! I think what's bugging me is that from the ankle up (lol, yes the ankle up) she's in chill mode. She looks lounge-ish, except she threw on a pair of 15-inch heels, working under the rule we all use: "heels dress up any outfit"...but it didn't quite work! Lol Reworked, like mixed and matched with other pieces in her wardrobe, I'm sure it could have been a strong "Hit"!