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Belts are so0o0o back in style!! I was always a belt lover, so they will forever be in in my eyes, and taking a look at this past 2011 BET Awards, it seems like a few celeb stylist are finally in agreeance! Just as I mentioned in an earlier post Red Lips && Embellishments accessories such as a belt, help make a statement. Embellishing with a belt can change your outfit from plain and drab, to bold and fab!

Check out Mary J with her gold belt..

What would this outfit be without it? This belt was a necessary addition, as it pretty much made the outfit.

Then there's Ms. A Keys..

This is not a belt, however, fitting into the category of embellishment this adornment saved her all black ensemble from turning her into a disappearing act. That stage was dark!!

Marsha Ambrosius

Can you imagine this dress without a belt? Omg, hideous! It would not be form fitting at all, this embellished belt helped reveal shape, which is something every woman needs, thick or thin.

She is now also a new inductee in my Book of Fierce because not only did she embellish with a belt, BUT that Full Moon embellishment on her finger by Laruicci my favorite jewelry designer put the "P" in #POW!

Last but not least Ledisi..

This was a simple addition. In her case a belt wasn't needed, but it was a nice compliment. It's not making that much of a statement, but that was a good way to go because her dress is saying it all.

Not to mention her Laruicci Silver Megawatt Ring making her too, a fellow inductee in my Book of Fierce. Go Ledisi! Simple yet bold!

So to all those who were nervous or scared, or thought belts were out of style..they're BACK!! If you have some saved away, pull em out! If not, I'm sure you find some on sale this weekend!

*All pictures courtesy of Wire Image

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