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Red Lips && Embellishments

I don't know about you, but I like to make a statement when I'm "out on town." I think BIG,I think bright, I think Red Lips && Embellishments! What better way to be seen than in a bold lip and an extra pazazz of adornment?! The key is to only draw attention to the two, meaning EVVVEERRYYTHING else is left simple and plain. Still don't get me?? Take a look at these fashionistas below, they got it down to science!

Here we have Eve and Miss Keri Hilson. Now besides the fact they look like they shared stylists, they nailed it with the red lip, and extra pazazz. Also a prime example of keeping it plain and simple with the all black.

Then there's Mya. She went bold and BIG too! She's adorned not just with her earrings, but sequenced dress as well. And though the dress is sequenced, the fact it's black and white (classic color combo) still keeps the simplistic factor. Had the dress been pink or orange, it would've been too much.

Last there's Kandi Burruss, aka "diva on the low". She got her red lip and is embellished to the fullest. This is fierce! And the bright hair adds the finishing touch! Only thing I'd omit are the bracelets and one of the rings. This was a photoshoot, so overkill is expected, but outside of that it breaks my rule of keeping it simple and plain. All that extra on the blue and close to the bottom half pazazz takes away from the overall statement.

Now you get it right?! Try it out! Next time you have a night out with the girls, make a statement!!

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