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Inside the Industry with..Ally Marie

PinMeUpAshley: Now, I know your interest in jewelry started at a young age, but when did you decide to take this interest to the next level?

AllyMarie: I decided to take that big leap towards the end of 2007. I figured life is too short to not even try, so I literally went to the bead store and bought a whole bunch of stuff, and through lots of trial and error and beads falling all over the place I created my first collection.

PinMeUpAshley: That's Awesome! How would you describe your style?

AllyMarie: Hmmm. It’s hard because I have never been one to purposely follow trends and I’ve never had an interest in something just because it’s a name brand. If I had to describe my style it would be simple chic. I love white baby T’s. My ideal outfit would be skinny jeans, a sick shoe, a white T, and one of my necklaces.

PinMeUpAshley: "Simple Chic," love it! Where do you draw your inspiration?

AllyMarie: My inspiration comes from so many things. I could be watching a show or see something in a magazine or even be observing a pretty color in nature.
PinMeUpAshley: Nice. So you majored in Broadcast Journalism and some big things have came from that as well. Care to share with us?

AllyMarie: Sure…lets see, after I graduated from Temple University I got my first job working at 'Hype Hair' magazine. I have also been a career editor for 'Honey' magazine, and am currently a contributing editor for 'Today’s Black Woman Style Report.' The key to breaking into your industry is thinking out of the box, remaining true to yourself, and being a nice person. When you are nice and people like you they will always look out for you.

PinMeUpAshley: Wow you just dove right in! Great words of advice, and so true! You're proof nice people don't always finish last. On another note, who are some celebrities that have worn your jewelry?

AllyMarie: Alicia Keys, Estelle, Rebecca Crews, actress Lisa Arrindell Anderson, and host Shon Gables from 'Black Enterprise Business Report.' And I am really excited because Estelle is wearing my "Clearly Yours" necklace in her new "Break My Heart" video...she's such a sweetheart.

PinMeUpAshley: It sounds exciting, congrats! Not to mention, a pretty well rounded selection of celebs. What designers do you look up to?

AllyMarie: I really admire Kimora. I love her drive and the way she handles her business…it’s inspiring.

PinMeUpAshley: I definitely agree, and I think it's safe to say a lot of young aspiring business women feel the same. I've seen some of your recent pieces, which I LOVE by the way. What have your collections consisted of in the past?

AllyMarie: In the past I used Swarovski crystals, glass beads and lots of precious stones. My latest collection “Behold A Lady” is very feminine and modern. You can wear all of my pieces with skinny jeans and a tank or dressed up.

PinMeUpAshley: Fancy materials, Classic namesake, I can dig it. Can you tell us about Ally Marie Custom Couture Clothing?

AllyMarie: I made dresses when I was in college and sold a few, but decided to pursue jewelry and accessories first. I still have lots of great ideas for dresses and tops, but that may come later down the line.

PinMeUpAshley: Okay cool! It's always nice to branch out. What other interests/ passions do you have, and how do plan to integrate them with your current projects?

AllyMarie: Oh I have so many interests (laughs). The best advice my mother gave me was to do one thing at a time because if you don’t nothing gets your full creativity and attention. So although I would love to start thinking about my non-profit for little girls, or my idea for a shoe boutique, I have to stop myself. However, I have always done my own marketing and public relations and I have a passion for helping people get started so I’ve been consulting for small businesses and people who are trying to reach for their dreams and I love it.
PinMeUpAshley: That's Amazing! And true words of wisdom from your mother. How do you balance everything, and what do you set as priority?

AllyMarie: Balancing everything is an ongoing challenge. I have learned to slow down a lot. I was running around from meeting to meeting and making necklaces and writing articles and while I still do those things it is just at a more relaxed pace. The most important thing is my sanity and peace of mind. I keep things in order by making to do lists and not beating myself up if the whole thing doesn’t get done in one day. I am just happy if at least three things get done.

PinMeUpAshley: Ms. Ally Marie you just have it all figured out! (laughs) I'm taking notes! What are some other challenges you have overcome in this journey so far?

AllyMarie: I think the largest challenge is financial. It is super challenging when you live in New York city and you have to pay rent and bills and student loans and buy food and jewelry supplies and marketing materials and pay to be a vendor at shows. It can get overwhelming, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am just letting it flow and when I do get a little discouraged I just remind myself that everything always falls right into place.

PinMeUpAshley: Amen! With that said, what level of success would you say you've achieved, and what do you see in the near future?

AllyMarie: I think I have been very successful and not just because of the celebrities or really amazing women that have been customers, but because I tried. The fact that I got started and put all of my effort and creativity into something I am super passionate about makes me feel successful. It takes a lot of guts to go against the grain and live a different lifestyle then most people you know.

PinMeUpAshley: Truly inspiring words. Where can Ally Marie Couture be purchased?

AllyMarie: My collection is on You can order through the site
or Email:
Phone: 646-820-1573

I also have a Women’s Empowerment Site:
Twitter: @sheblogs

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