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3rd Annual PHC Sisterhood Luncheon

So0o0o... What Should I Wear??

Though this was the 3rd luncheon, this was my 1st time going. Confusion can erupt when trying to determine the appropriate attire for a luncheon, especially if you're unaware of the type of crowd that will be in attendance. I admit I was unsure myself, but radio personality Egypt Sherrod of 107.5 WBLS answered all questions with her gold cocktail dress and showed us that there is room to be a DIVA at a luncheon!

Of course the CARDINAL RULE, always and forever and a day, is to do MORE before LESS and to be OVER dressed rather than UNDER. Fatigued from a weeks worth of events, I kind of pushed the rule to the back of my brain, but I'll be on point next time!!