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Are These the New Crocs?

Vibram Five Fingers

So apparently these Five Finger shoes are the new "shoe-thing". As I've ventured back and forth to the city (NYC) via train these past couple of months, I've noticed individuals, both male and female, wearing these shoes. Just recently I was close enough to see the actual brand(Vibram), and took it upon myself to google it.

Like Crocs they come in different styles and colors, but being made of better quality materials I assume, Five Fingers range on average from $80-$150..{hmmm}

They come in white..

With zippers..

Even with laces!

Now this is no EUREKA! These shoes didn't just come out 2 months ago..I DO however, predict an epidemic in the near future.

they are to be worn for extreme sports like rock climbing and hiking, but when is footwear ever worn for its intended use?? (rarely)

So before things get CRAZY, here is my opinion for obvious DOs and DONT's with Five Fingers:

..come on now, do I really have to explain?

MMMM MAYBE... golf IS a sport, not really extreme. But you know what, it might be extreme as it gets with some folks!

DO! When I first saw these shoes, I automatically thought swim shoes...then I realized we were on the train, and I wondered why he was wearing them..

ANYWAY, I could definitely see myself wearing these on the beach, if they didn't cost so much!



  1. It looks weird, but I can see this really taking off! Especially the water shoes.

    They should make bedroom slippers like this..then I would buy!


  2. lol yea it took me off gaurd when I first saw them..

    I had little slipper socks like this a while ago, they were comfy! I'm sure they're still around..