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The Job Hunt: Where Do I fit in?

As a college graduate of course you're not at the top of the food chain employment wise, but you're certainly better off than those at the bottom!

(Wave that degree at anybody who thinks differently!)

Common mistake, in my opinion, that's made by recent graduates is:

They aim LOW, and fall SHORT

The correct formula is:

Aim HIGH, and fall somewhere in the MIDDLE

I know how it goes. You're on the hunt, you see the jobs you want, but grow intimidated by the requirements ie:3-5yrs experience in the field. Don't let that turn you away! Apply anyway!

The worst that could happen is they inform you you're "not what they're looking for at this time."

They're not going to charge you a resume fee(like colleges did for applications..remember that?? poor kids, I know the prices inflated these past 4/5 yrs)

...or call you and scream at you for even thinking you were a match for the job. You never know what might spark their interest on your resume, so send one in and see!

Another important factor is taking it one step at a time. Yes, the big picture is getting the job, but that comes in a series of events. Focus on the first course of action, and when that's done THEN move on to the second..and so forth. Trying to do it all in one SHABANG! is NOT going to work.

ADVICE: Do the monkey bars to get to the tire drills, complete the tire drills to get to the hoop, and THEN worry about jumping through the hoop..

Or in other words write your cover letter and resume to get the interview, work on your interview skills to get the job, and THEN worry about going to work and performing :)


  1. Great tips and love all of the pics you fav is the hoop of fire pic!