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Event Swingin' in the City

For The Career Woman

Financially pressed? Get the MOST of your $!!

  1. Find free events to attend, so that transportation is the only thing you have to dish money out for
  2. Attend more than one event while in the area
  3. Get something from the event *this is a time when "showing face" is not enough, especially when you're on a budget:
  • >>network
  • >>exchange business cards
  • >>go where there's drink specials! (or open bar ;) lol

My "three event find" in the city included: an after work lounge spot, a blogger's social, and a red carpet cocktail event... What did I wear that was suitable for all?

  • >> All BLACK= Classic, versatile
  • >> Pencil skirt= Sophisticated & chic, yet professional
  • >> Heels= Always a MUST!!
  • >> Cocktail ring= Cocktail event!
  • >> Big earrings= No necklace

Blogger's Social

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Red Carpet Event

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