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It's Here, && Then It's Gone!

People say all you need is a moment... I say make a moment! Over, and over, and over again!!

Yesterday Kelly Cutrone of People's Revolution had a book signing in Bryant Park for her new book, If You Have To Cry Go Outside. (If you don't know who this woman is google her..anyone claiming to be into fashion should know of her.)I decided to take this as an opportunity to network. What did I wear?

Interview attire:

  • black slacks
  • closed toe shoes
  • plain tank
  • short sleeved jacket/blazer

*hair was pulled back, glasses to look smart lol...and seafoam colored polish that gave the sometimes boring interview look POP!

Why interview attire? Call me ambitious..why not?? Be prepared for anything and everything and All The Above!!..&& with that, dress the part! Just like the saying "rather be OVER dressed than under dressed", it's better to be OVER prepared or prepared for the MOST, than prepared for the LEAST.


  • I didn't have the book, so she gave me a free copy!
  • I was directed to go to People's Revolution and pick it up myself, so I was able to see inside the office first hand
  • She autographed a post-it since I didn't have the book at the time, lol
  • She complimented my seafoam nail polish ..YESS!!
  • Nice little convo of my future plans
  • She took my business card :D

So in the end, I did feel accomplished. Whether or not she saw me as "riffraff" or potential employee, Idk...BUT Kelly is definitely on my radar and we will meet again ;)