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You've Been Spotted!!

Summer Jam 2010 Edition
I thought this was done?

The "sag" trend is long gone, and even when it was a trend the proper underwear would be boxers, not briefs! So0o0o0o unattractive!!

Two Wrongs don't make it RIGHT!!

"See thru" and lace is cool, but there's a limit...and they passed it! They took something that cold be classy and made it trashy. Shame on them!!

What's this man recording?

The Two Wrongs!! SMH.. Who's worst??

There's a concert going on, celebrities on stage. Yet apparently this man thought the Two Wrongs booty shakin' was more intriguing. Guess they got the attention they were craving for!!

This woman..smh, this poor woman. Why didn't someone tell her ankle bracelets...over socks...with sneakers!! is a NO GO?! Where are her friends?? Does she not read magazines? This could have easily been corrected!! And then that fake Louis bag!!! Aww man, not even looking at the material and color variation you can tell...look at the LV's... they're upside down!! Disaster!!

Check here for the REAL Louis Vuitton

1 comment:

  1. lol..that is hilarious..I would of never thought to look at the LV's maybe she doesn't realize it either..smh