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Kanye West: Expensive && Well Considered

There has been an overflow of rumors surrounding Kanye West and his still untitled womenswear collection for Paris Fashion Week. According to various sources, West recruited a team of Central Saint Martins (London) fashion students, who are supposedly working under designers Louise Goldin and Dean Quinn, "with the likely consultation of Louise Wilson", the head of CSM's MA fashion department. Professor Wilson is said to have advised West, describing him as a “global phenomenon and a very interesting person”, and expects the collection to be “well-considered”. She also mentioned his contribution to the college. (Some sources claim Louise helped and some dispute it, but one thing sources do agree on is Kanye's donation

It has also been stated "Kanye was in fairly often; for all the fittings. [He] was very nice and polite and talked knowledgeably about shape etc, but was prone to changing his mind a lot – in fact the whole process was slightly excruciating as there were SO many opinions that it took forever to get anything done." Speculation designer Katie Eary is on board the project has surfaced as well... No one really knows, but after reported seen spending 14000 Pounds in an east London fabric shop, I think it's safe to say a collection has definitely been produced.

 With the official invitations sent (#fact!), West is expected to make his Prêt-à-porter debut tonight (@ 9:30) at an off site location, being he's not apart of the official Paris Fashion Week line up (but who cares, creatively the best shows are off site anyway!) Given he’s a big fan of Céline, Givenchy, and Alexander Wang, most are presuming a mix of the three. Rumors his choice of colors are gold, ivory, and peach (a rumor I hope is true!), it has additionally been quoted he's into "Samurai-inspired, 'sporty' garments, with luxury fabrics" and "gold chainmail." It's been forecasted the collection "will be extraordinarily expensive" and "virtually unproduceable." I don't know about you, but I can't wait! Anything Kanye is something to see!! Check back for a recap of the FACTS once the show is over!

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