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Rihanna's New Hair

Okay, Rihanna was spotted with dark hair both before and after her performance on The X Factor, a popular American Idol-like show in the UK. Yes, the pictures are out to prove it, her hair is back to normal now...My question is, how long has it been back? [Oo0o0o]

Her hair is red during her performance, which means she had on a wig, so how long has "what's real" not been red?

I guess we'll never know lol.. Mystery to the public! What's your take on it? (*take the pool to the left)
Check out her performance below, UK fans were very pleased (a discovery via twitter) and I think Imma have to agree! This is her best performance EVER... in LIFE!! lol Seriously, something oversees brought out a little talent.. a little... for her I think we can make a big deal!

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