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Rap Duo: Thee Satisfaction

"THEE Stasia and Catherine Satisfaction's spaceship landed in the heart of Seattle,Washington in June of 2008. They became refugees on the planet Mars but escaped the green martians in search of freedom. During their hide out in Seattle, they began to understand that similar forms of oppression where happening on planet Earth. They found out that by fusing psychedelic-space-rap-jazz they could decode the system." >>Read More From Source

Thee Satisfaction, Stasia Irons and girlfriend Catherine Harris-White, are a female rap duo who appear to be changing the game. Lovers and band mates, Thee Satisfaction is anything but your usual suspects. As Gretchen from Mean Girls would say, they are so "fetch", far-fetched. I'm very interested in seeing how their style evolves, both musically and in appearance. Below is their latest of the four mixtapes they have out entitled Transitions, give it a listen!

Catch a glimpse of their fashion sense!

I can dig it!! How about you?

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