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Whitney You Disappoint Us!

As you all have heard The City canceled, and will not be having another season. Total BUMMER! But in worst news, Whitney will now be hosting Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend with her ex-boyfriend airing January 18th. Where you ask? On Hulu ...exclusively. It's didn't even make TV.

The show will consist of 8 Kentestants between the ages of 21 and 30 competing to prove they can be the many characters of Ken--the surfer, the designer, the fashion model, and the romantic or in other words "the ultimate boyfriend for every occasion."

Whitney posted on her website:

"Hi my loves,
As some of you may have heard, I've signed on to host the new reality series, "Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend." The purpose of the show is to find a guy that embodies all of the qualities of Barbie's longtime boyfriend, Ken.

Today is the first day of filming and I was so nervous this morning because I've never hosted something before. I called my mom and she just totally eased my nerves (I'm still such a mama's girl haha). So I hung up the phone, gave myself a little pep talk, and I was good to go. We've been filming since this morning and so far so good :)


My cousin Jackie took this pic yesterday of me sitting at the judges' panel while shooting my new show, Genuine Ken at Venice Beach."

Though it is a cute idea, and Mattel couldn't have picked a better person to epitomize Barbie, I don't think this is the best move for an aspiring designer who wishes to be taken seriously. And to go from The City where she was on MTV, working with Kelly Cutrone, to being on Hulu working with "Kens"..that's a down grade to me, but I guess she has her reasons.

I probably won't be tuning in, still haven't gotten over the upset of there being no more The City, but I'm sure everybody will be talking about it!

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