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There's Only Room For One

So who does it better? It's too early to say, being Willow is only 10 but I say she's got a lot of potential to come out on top once her teen years come. Here's her performance on Ellen, where she busts out the "Only Girl" lyrics ringing alarms (warning Rihanna to step her game up!)..take a look!

Signed to the same label, styled by the same stylist, they have a lot in common. If it wasn't for the age difference I'd say Rihanna got some serious competition. Here's Rih Rih performing at the EMAs...check her out!

Idk, I think Willow's performance was better, especially for that to be her first. Great stage presence, dancing and signing, just working the crowd! Though I loved Rihanna's dress and the scenery and props and ambiance, it doesn't make up for that little march and twirl step she did throughout her performance. Im just sayin'. Rih Rih betta make sure Willow don't get a hold of her lyrics anymore, cuz she's makin' em work..a little too good!

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