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Leona Lewis' Album Signing | What She Wore

Leona Lewis had an album signing at HMV in London's Oxford Street for her third studio album Glassheart. Cute girl, but I'm not really feeling this look. It's rumored that she was apprehensive about the signing, given she was attacked by a crazed fan at her last signing for Dreams in 2009. As a result, she upped her security for today's signing, but I'm wondering if this "apprehensiveness" played into effect with her wardrobe??

The shoes are cute......that's all I got! lol 

Her nails are cute.....((crickets)) 
Idk, in my opinion that dress does nothing for her..((shrugs))

Leona's dress during her performance at London's G-A-Y on Saturday, however, was definitely the better look.


What do you think?

Album in stores NOW!

Unlove Me
Love Bird
Come Alive
I to You
Shake You Up
Stop the Clocks
Favorite Scar
When It Hurts

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