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Inside the Industry with..Staci Sherri

PinMeUpAshley: What influenced you to start a career in fashion design?

StaciSherri: Growing up in a hair salon at an early age with a passion for dance & costume led me to design. Surrounding myself with glamour not only did I dream of wearing heels and fur, but I realized I was meant to dress beautiful women in even more beautiful pieces.

PinMeUpAshley: That's amazing to nurture a passion from such a young age. When was Staci Sherri officially launched?

StaciSherri: STACI SHERRI (INC) has been an official company since June 11th 2010, running & operating as such. Staci Sherri Inc. debuted the brand & the lady behind the brand on Thursday, May 12th 2011. (

PinMeUpAshley: Oh wow, that's pretty recent! Congrats on what you've accomplished thus far! Before Staci Sherri Inc. you designed for a few big name labels, care to give us some insight?

StaciSherri: I was blessed to be part of a few amazing design teams, to name a few 'Dereon' by House of Dereon, sportswear brand of Singer/Song/Writer/Actress & “Mogul” Beyonce Knowles, and 'Luxirie' by LRG. I learned the ability to design outside of myself, designing for two companies whose style & customer are very different from mine. Often designing things that I would not design, nor create for a Staci Sherri customer.

PinMeUpAshley: Those are some heavy hitters! That's definitely a big deal, not to mention versatility is a very important trait to have as a designer. So describe your style and how you incorporate that when designing for the Staci Sherri customer?

StaciSherri: I am a 'pile of love' and I incorporate a lot of passion into my designs. I am also very adventurous so I take risks. [In the end] you can describe my style as flamboyant-- I do me as you should you. You will not say "I saw that before” when referring to Staci Sherri designs [that's] for sure.

PinMeUpAshley: Nice! Who is Staci Sherri "the woman" in connection with Staci Sherri "the brand"?

StaciSherri: I {the woman} was pregnant for years with this 'love', this burning passion, and finally gave birth to this beautiful brand. It’s my offspring, my baby. It's safe to say a lot of me {the woman} is in this brand, with the help of God I created this & will continue to nurture her {the brand}. 'Staci Sherri' is what I call her, (laughs) she’s named after her mother (giggles). As she {the brand} continues to grow I am sure she will develop her own personality.

PinMeUpAshley: Very well put. "When I grow up, I want to be just like me," we see this everywhere there's Staci Sherri. Can you explain this mantra in relation to your vision and brand?

StaciSherri: When I was kid this was my mantra. I lived by this mantra as well as some of my peers. It’s more than a statement it is a movement to empower across the nation. I believe that everyone should love & cherish exactly who they are, and how they impact the earth. By doing so, you inspire to be like you. [With this mantra] I plan to expand from tees to: travel, lounge & athletic apparel. This will be an extension of the company. Get your “Just Like Me" Tee today!!,

PinMeUpAshley: That's awesome! I like that, and I definitely admire your ambition. How would you describe the journey of Staci Sherri so far?

StaciSherri: This journey is a marathon. It’s a lot of hard work, exciting, loads of fun, & very scary. I am enjoying empowering women, by enhancing their outer beauty while fostering their inner beauty. All while doing something I love. (sighs) I am in Love.

PinMeUpAshley: That has to be a amazing feeling! Do you have a celebrity following? Who would you like to see wearing Staci Sherri?

StaciSherri: My customers are the celebrity, you know my mantra “when I grow up I want to be just like me,” I mean just that. Therefore I refer to my customers as 'StarZ'. These women dare to live differently, exceptionally, beautifully and excitedly through creative arts, travel, entertainment and experience. It is flattering [however] when I see well known celebrities wearing Staci Sherri.

PinMeUpAshley: That's a great mentality to have, way to stick by your words! Tell us about "Magical Black".

StaciSherri: "Magical Black" is a trans-seasonal collection. Have you ever had a few pieces in your closet you can wear year round? Well that’s "Magical Black". I used some life experiences that created clouds in my life as well as the stigma behind a black cat crossing your path and giving you bad luck. I wanted to message women across the world that Black is beautiful and can be Magical. It does not have to be just worn to funerals, cocktail parties, or interviews. Lets have fun with your BLACK, BLACK IS HAPPY, BEAUTIFUL & BOLD. Step out in "Magical Black!"

PinMeUpAshley: LOVE that! How is this collection different from your previous collection?

StaciSherri: "Papillon Amour" means Butterfly (in French) Love (in Spanish), this collection is a very small group of pieces that were inspired by my love for butterflies. This collection today is known as "SS Signature," many of these styles will always be available & considered a 'Staci Sherri Staple' on our planet.

PinMeUpAshley: I like!! What can we look forward to for future collections?

StaciSherri: A breath of fresh air, innovative designs at affordable price.

PinMeUpAshley: That's always a good thing! Staci Sherri is still a fairly new brand, where do you see yourself say 3 years from now?

StaciSherri: In the next three years I can see Staci Sherri being sold across 52 states as well as placement in a few department stores. Stay tuned we are coming to a destination near you! For now enjoy your global experience through our online shopping boutique.

PinMeUpAshley: Pin Me Up Ashley will definitely be tuned in! Where can Staci Sherri be purchased?

StaciSherri: & we are also sold on

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