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Look Out Red Bottoms!!

Up and coming designer Alejandra G debuted her very first shoe collection of textured heels earlier this month. Officially launched, her self titled collection entails a unique mix of fabrics, patterns, and colors giving a bold new face to glamor. With her daring approach of patenting the black and white striped sole, Alejandra G has made her shoes as identifiable Louboutins!

Her signature luxury label, made with quality materials entirely imported from Italy, is already creating a buzz with a focus on the brands exclusivity. Alejandra G truly believes accessories are the “heart and sole” to a woman’s outfit, and I have to agree! These fun and flirty heels,(which I have inside word are also comfy!) have a futuristic time stamp on footwear, and will definitely turn heads!

My opinion: BRAVA! It's really hard to come out as a new shoe designer and develop a fan base because when it comes to footwear, everyone's loyalty is already set on their favorite brand; on the contrary, Alejandra is taking full stride to just that! I think Miss Alejandra G is genius for the patented "black and white bottom" and predict she will achieve the attention and positioning she's setting out for.

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  1. These are niiiice, the Yellow Fishnet pair are the best thus far. I wanna do shoes but feel like everythings been done :(

  2. Yes, the fishnets are fierce! You can't think like that, get in touch with your own personal creativity and go for it!! You might surprise yourself :)

  3. There is no doubt that red bottom shoes are most women's favorites.
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