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Jewelry Party with Premier Designs!

This past weekend I hosted a Premier Designs Jewelry Party, and not only was it a success, but we had a lot of fun! Jeweler and friend Erica Scott gave us a lot of background on the Christian based company as we played the "Pocketbook Game", and guests ransacked their pocketbooks in attempts to earn raffle tickets!

After the raffle our jeweler Erica showed us some tips and tricks to spice up our ensembles, and guests got a chance to model some of Premier Designs high fashion jewelry.

Being at the show, and being told about the show are two different things, for the experience will leave you wanting more! Before it was over, guests were booking their own shows, taking full advantage of our Hostess Plan.

I say "our" instead of Premier Designs, because after two shows I've decided to join the Premier Designs Team and become a Jeweler!

Hostess can earn OVER $100 in FREE JEWELRY for hosting 1 show! If you have a love for jewelry and interested in hosting a show, feel free to contact me at and book your jewelry party today!

For more info on Premier Designs visit:

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