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Inside the Industry With..LARUICCI

PinMeUpAshley: How did you get into making jewelry and how long have you been designing?

LARUICCI: I came back from getting my Masters in Florence, Italy in 2007 and I took the first job I could find. Based on a portfolio of handmade runway jewelry I made for my Masters Collection I was hired and that is how this NYC Jewelry adventure all started.

PinMeUpAshley: Florence, WOW. How would you describe your journey as a jewelry designer?

LARUICCI: I worked for mid-tier mass-market retailers, I was stuck designing cheap jewelry and it was so disheartening because I always wanted to make really high quality flashy stuff. So when the opportunity arose to leave that market I escaped as fast as I could. I started working with super stylist Patti Wilson and her team in 2008 I realized that there was no limit in what stylists would use for amazing photo shoots for the best magazines around the world. In 2009 I started making heavy, luxury, flashy editorial jewelry because I noticed that stylists and editors loved it. The original goal was to make only wild editorial stuff and we have stuck pretty close to that goal so far.

PinMeUpAshley: That's amazing! I love the direction you went with it. Are there any perks as a designer right now?

LARUICCI: The best part about it right now is meeting all of the stylists and working with all of the power players in New York Fashion, I never realized that so few people in such a small town could be such huge personalities with such massive impact on the world. I'm really honored to be a part of pop culture and New York City in that way. The amount of positive feedback and support that I get from the people that I meet and work with is something that keeps me in the game everyday—I would never do it without this much praise.

PinMeUpAshley: Great Perks! At the other end of the spectrum, what are some of the challenges?

LARUICCI: Producing wild collections that satisfy the over the top side of fashion but are also appealing to buyers on the wholesale level has been a challenge, but slowly they are all noticing, and if they don’t we will make them notice so I think it is only a matter of time until a boom of that sort, I'm expecting it with FW11.

PinMeUpAshley: Make them notice, I like that! So who is LARUICCI and what is she about?

LARUICCI: Laruicci is a total show-off, and the ultimate IT-girl. When she walks in it's all eyes on her and everyone wants to be her, because she’s the prettiest most interesting girl in the room and she’s really nice—but the funny part is every girl has it in her to be fun, young, hot, and flashy…Wearing Laruicci brings that out in all of us, it is meant to inspire our “petal to the floor, hands off the wheel” side.

PinMeUpAshley: Love it! And I totally agree! How would you describe your style?

LARUICCI: Well curated—lots of different styles and pieces all put together to create something really contemporary and ahead of its time, oh and of course overtly sexual.

PinMeUpAshley: Nice. So who are some celebrities that have worn your jewelry?

LARUICCI: Ahh! Great question—Our all time favorites are Beyonce, Rhianna, Kim Kardashian, Annelynne Mccord, MIA, Chloe Sevigny, Whitney Port, and Daphne Guinness.

PinMeUpAshley: O0o0oh A-listers! That says a lot! What other designers do you compare yourself with?

LARUICCI: I love to compare Laruicci to Alexis Bittar—I love his jewelry and how accessible it is to all types of people—I also love their offices and the seeing the whole operation run really smoothly—I'm looking forward to that when we have 25 years under our Megawatt Stunners…read ( 25 years under our belt!)

PinMeUpAshley: Great insight! What have your collections consisted of in the past?

LARUICCI: The first big thing for us was The Million White Lights Pom Pom Ring and it was huge in many ways—that was when I knew we had to keep making over the top pieces and stick to that mantra so we could really make something of the brand.

PinMeUpAshley: That's what's up! I think your FW11 collection is your best collection yet. Can you tell us a little about it?

LARUICCI: FW11 is definitely the best yet! The inspiration is the Harem Girl and her draped jewelry and interest in piling it all on at once just for effect—to make herself the center of attention in a sea of others. Lots of heavy metal and huge garish crystals stud the collection. It is our best attempt to create something very sales friendly when in single form, and very editorial when paired together.

PinMeUpAshley: I Love It! What can be anticipated for future collections?

LARUICCI: We are collaborating more heavily with Italian factories, and working with new people always brings a brave new style, so we are looking forward to joining Italian craftsmanship with Laruicci Megawatt style and we will all be flaunting the outcome.

PinMeUpAshley: Sounds exciting! LARUICCI has grown a lot since she first hit the scene, aside from the Italian collaborations (which I can't wait to see!) what are your expectations for say, 1 year from now?

LARUICCI: We just now opened our first international account so that has me thinking about world domination. Also, some private Label collaborations would be fun, and more focus on Beyonce and her team—they deserve it, and embody the Laruicci brand really well.

PinMeUpAshley: OMG that's huge!! Yess Beyonce and Laruicci are the perfect fit, seems to me you've been thinking world domination! lol Where can LARUICCI be purchased?










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