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Sunglasses && Love

The trend of reality TV series is never-ending. Everybody wants their own show, but do they all have what it takes??

Amber Rose is opening a vintage sunglasses boutique early this year (possibly a chain of boutiques) with it’s flagship in Los Angeles. She also launching her reality show on Vh1 called Behind Her Shades (same name as boutique) around the same time. In an interview with VIBE magazine, Amber spoke about her store, sunglass line and reality show:

"I have a store coming called 'Behind Her Shades' for vintage frames and my new sunglass line that I’m very serious about," Amber told VIBE while in attendance at Heineken’s Inspire concert.

"I will be in Germany in a factory working on these sunglasses. Also, I’m going to have a barber chair in my store for people that want to come in and get the 'Amber Rose' and donate their hair to cancer patients."

Of course her celebrity connects will give her an advantage on her new path..

"I am that go to person for vintage frames. Everybody will come to me [laughs]. Rick Ross is going to be my client," Amber jokes. "Rick Ross I will have you, I’ll be your supplier—and Puff. I’m the Jacob [The] Jeweler of shades."

A lot of people were in doubt that she was really in the works of getting her own show, but after this photo was posted, the "reality" of the situation became very evident.

"It’s about my life, and what I have going on. A lot of people really haven’t heard me speak and don’t really know what I’m about." -Amber Rose

Then there's Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom..

Also soon to be in production is Khloe & Lamar (title still working) which has officially been picked up by E!.

"The outspoken Kardashian sister and the Los Angeles Lakers star will invite cameras into their home, where Khloé’s brother Robert Kardashian has become a semi-permanent house guest...Khloé and Lamar are such a dynamic couple that we just knew we had to give them their own series,"-E!'s EVP Lisa Berger. "They are fascinating individuals in their own right, and together the duo is a powerhouse."

Berger called the duo "funny, dramatic, opinionated, and we intend to capture all this, along with the unvarnished reality of their lives together and apart, since each is constantly followed by their own celebrity spotlight."

E! ordered 8-episodes, and will be produced by Ryan Seacrest Prods. and Bunim-Murray Prods. Ryan Seacrest, who launched the Kardashians' TV careers. This marks the third Keeping Up With the Kardashians spinoff, following Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami and Kourtney & Kim Take New York (which premieres on Jan. 23).

What will ROCK and what will FLOP? Which will you watch?? My prediction: Behind Her Shades will finish its first season...that is all. Lol...and Khloe and Lamar, she got the 'Kardashian Franchise' on her side, so they'll make it, will they have as many viewers as the other Khardashian shows...idk. I'm really getting tired of the whole reality TV thing though, so maybe my opinion shouldn't count!

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