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Leopard Lives!

S0o0o I thought I was over the leopard craze, but something in my soul revived it! Everything, and anything is leopard and everybody and their mother is wearing it...sometimes distastefully, but that's besides the point, lol. One leopard item I just gotta have is the boot. For someone that's in love with shoes as much as I am I know you know, you can do some damage in leopard boots!

Wendy got some...

though I wouldn't go with the knee length, they're speakin' to me! lol

Janet rocked a pair...
crushin' it on 106 & Park. Booties are more my thing && THAT was a shoegasm.

Rihanna was spotted sportin' some...
HOT!...of course

Miss Ciara walked the red carpet in a pair...
LOVE...(we're not gonna mention Kim Kardashian wore the same outfit;)

After reviewing some of the celebs that continue to take part in this craze, I think I'mma have to give in and get me pair a leopard booties as well!...I mean, it's only right, I feel it in my soul! lol Here's a style below that I'm on my way to get RIGHT NOW!

Where am I going? Lucky Stilettos of course! In Irvington, NJ.

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