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"I Did This For You Wendy"

FINALLY a live interview!! Nicki Minaj speaks on scary childhood, her opinion on love, her reasoning behind the voices, and her new MAC lipstick...below is the full interview!

Lol at Wendy calling the audience monsters instead of "barbies"...and the soundbite of that interview:

"No I'm not 'sexually fluid'. I don't like how that no thanks, I'll pass."

LOL, I don't like how that sounds either, leave it to Wendy to make up some mess like that, Ha!
Big congrats to her on the MAC endorsement, that's BIG! Under Diddy management I guess we can expect a lot of major moves like that though. Wait didn't Lil Kim have a MAC lipstick endorsement?? Viva Glam III?? That wasn't really the samething... Any who, lol I've been looking for a particular shade of pink, and with it only being available online for 4 consecutive Fridays (hence the name) Pink Friday 4 just might be my investment!

Here's another clip of her "Right Through Me" performance.

And now for the fashion critique...


Definitely feelin' the funky bangles
(*you can vote whether you agree on the polls to the right!)

Shoes are Hot as well..


That SEVERE Camel Toe, SMH....and her feet in them stockings....!!! I think she should stick to closed toe :X !..Just keepin' it real!

The crazy outfit and wig is a given, but the other stuff could have been avoided. Still, gotta love her!

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