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Just In Time For Halloween!

TEMPTU & DEREON Team Up for Temporary Tattoos

Lol, I'm sorry but I can't take this seriously. Tina must need some extra cash for an over budget getaway to pull a stunt like this mid October. Temporary tattoos?? They're bout as hot as clip on earrings!!..Am I wrong?! This is for the Halloween season, and the Halloween season ONLY!

Beyonce looks hot in the ad, but that's a no brainer. Why everybody's raving about these tattoos is what I don't get. I'm not throwing shade, I'm just saying, if it ain't the real thing it ain't that appealing.

"They" say, Beyonce's making a mark ..."And I'll say bride of chucky is child's play" lol. Hope they target tweens cuz I don't see the hype going past the 31st with any other age group!

If you're interested (still, lol)the basic tattoo kits can be found at your local Sephora or online at, and at a price of $16.

Happy Halloween!

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