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Rihanna's Nude Stiletto Edition

This is not a dis! I repeat, this is NOT a DIS!!

...But the appearance and reappearance of this nude stiletto has come to my attention and I have no choice but to put my thoughts on blast!

So she loves the nude pump, who doesn't?! Just because you love it, doesn't mean you throw it on with every outfit. Looking past some of these outfits, which by far aren't her best,(and in my opinion are a result of her putting too much faith in her stylist)her reliance on the nude stiletto has now made that shoe officially played in her wardrobe, to the point she needs to move them to the "Do Not Wear" section of her closet. #ImJustSayin

I know it's not reasonable even for celebs to wear a pair of shoes only once, but she's recycled this color/style of her shoe game too many times, even for someone in my shoes. (get it, my jk)

Here she is at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards..
Rocking the nude Brian Atwood Pumps...fine.

Here she is at the 2010 Echo Awards..
This time in nude Christian Louboutins. Okay, yes they are a different brand, and have a slightly different look with the red bottom, BUT this is the second award show she attended in nude stilettos. Knowing there will definitely be paparazzi, wouldn't you switch it up? I mean come on Rih Rih, at least for awards shows, everyone's watching!!

Here she is in Vegas after attending 'KA' by Cirque du Soleil..
New hair, same shoes.

And here she is in Hollywood at AGO Restaurant..
The nude Christian Louboutin pumps are clearly her favorite.

Has she worn these shoes since? Probably. Does this diminish my salutations to her and her once thought of impeccable style? Yes. I expect more from someone of her stature, and she's beginning to disappoint me. Let this be a PSA to Rihanna: let the nude pumps go!

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