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HOT Toddy in Denim

Fall is almost here!! I can't wait! My birthday then came and passed so Summer can be over now, lol. So what's the new trend for Fall? A trend I'm buying into is the denim shirt. Sounds old school right?? Denim is classic, it'll never be out of fashion, it's trend cycle just goes up and down.

Celebs are already partaking in the trend and if you wish to be this Fall's " Hot Toddy " I suggest you get you a denim top too!!

Sienna Miller in Twenty8Twelve (Nordstrom)

A more heavy denim shirt as a jacket

Miley Cyrus in Erin Wasson

Casually layered

Jessica Simpson

NOT like this...this is what happens when you try too hard. Floral print dress, with a denim top, with small ruffles, with clog sandals, with a chain purse...Uhhh NO!! This is a DON'T, DO take notes!


Rihanna in Dolce&Gabbana

Get fancy and wear it dressy ..minus the hair mishap, lol

I'm positive this will be Fall's Hot Item. Make your first statement of the new season POWERFUL! Get you ya denim shirt now, or wish you did lata!!

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